Galaxy Mechanics

by The Fractured Dimension

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lightbringer77 Unique blend of generes with a unique line-up, oh god where has it been this the last year??! Favorite track: Galaxy Mechanics.



Originally formed from the ashes of two of the most progressive underground metal bands of the 1990's, The Fractured Dimension took shape when Ron Jarzombek introduced Jimmy Pitts and Jerry Twyford of Scholomance to Alex Arellano Malca of Power of Omens. After working on their debut for four years, Towards the Mysterium was released to excellent critical reviews and featured a who's who of phenomenal guest musicians from the prog, metal, and jazz fusion scenes. The debut was an unflinching foray into whatever style suited the composers at the moment and the listener could go from Neo-Classical shred to prepared piano, from Scriabin pieces to abrasive metal and avant-jazz inspired embellishments, and everywhere else passion drove the music from track to track or, often times, measure to measure.

After working for seven years on a followup, an amicable change was made in the lineup which brought in Hannes Grossmann on drums, along with the desire for full guitar production as opposed to only lead guitar as on Towards the Mysterium. This brings us to present time. The release of Galaxy Mechanics, featuring sixteen musicians at the peak of their craft, spanning seven countries, endless hours and several years in the labor of love. The vision has streamlined and focused back to some of the intense metallic sounds of Scholomance, while continuing to add elements that are uncommon in most metal productions. The Fractured Dimension now brings forth the long-awaited and delayed sequel to Towards the Mysterium. Yet, more than a sequel, this is a metamorphosis.


released March 28, 2016

Jimmy Pitts - Keyboards, Theremin
Jerry Twyford -Bass
Hannes Grossmann - Drums
Vishal J Singh, Tom Fountainhead Geldschlager, Tom Kopyto - Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Violin on "Bolshevikian Mythological Creature" - Joe Deninzon
Vocals on "Elysian" - Kasturi Nath Singh
Guest Solos: Christian Muenzner, Alex Machacek, Marcel Coenen, Mike Abdow, Pete Pachio, Jeremy Barnes,Aaron Roten, Bill Bruce



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Jimmy Pitts Battlefield, Missouri

Jimmy Pitts has performed a diverse array of music ranging from the frenetic metal and technicality of Scholomance, Spastic Ink, and The Fractured Dimension, to Jazz, Classical, Rock, World music, & the avant garde. The latest releases from Jimmy Pitts are a pair of singles available now entitled Triumphant Descent and A Passage for Zoe. Also available: Pitts Minnemann Project - 2 L 8 2 B Normal ... more

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